A Hyderabadi Alumni Meet

Actually, make that two. I had a meeting with my Bangalore chum in the morning (older guys meet in the daytime, keeping our limitations in mind), and then a gala IMT alumni meet (these guys and gals are young) at the Green Park in the evening/night.

The noise levels threatened at times to beat the traffic noise that is 'normal' in all great Indian cities today. But that only reflected the urge to catch up, sometimes after a year's break or more. Mayank, a first batch (2004-06) Nagpur alum was there with family, a highlight. He got introduced to some of the recent happenings at his alma mater. Of course, a lot of recognisable faces (names were added by them at times) for me from the last few batches when I was with IMT- Khushboo, Sneha Goyal, Harleena, Haritima with her hubby this time, Roshan who has now joined Tata Motors, Aashish and his lovely wife (and batchmate)  Anusha, Kaavish who is a regular, Akash (Prof), and Lakshay who both work for Verity, and many more.

The hall was full, and conversations animated-including, but not limited to Seemandhra and Telangana, the Modi landslide, Alia Bhatt and Anjaiah jokes, and people's own plans for the future. One of the highest turnouts in Hyderabad, indicating that alums are enthused. Faculty contingent had Shivnath, Anant Ram, TK Chatterjee, Smita and Sayan. And Vekat Sai from placements,happy that Hyd placements have picked up after years of effort.

It was lovely catching up. Glad I could make it..we did take a group photo to jog the golden memory..it also needs exercise to stay fit.


red star said…
Wow..beautiful description sir...I missed you all n a chance to meet up evry1...hope to see pics soon....:)
Diamond Head said…
according to the 'lite lo' miya doctrine you should not be attending parties after dark
Rajendra said…
Thanks, Red Star. And DH, for the light advice...I am going to take it very lightly!

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