Girlfriend in the Closet

This is better than having a skeleton (yuck) in the cupboard. This one at least would be live. And if you are a politician, it may even get you more (or at least some) respect in the eyes of the voting public. The recent flurry of "Even Diggy has a girlfriend, but I don't" kind of digs at a worthy prove my point. That one's now out of the closet, thanks to a do-good hacker it seems.

There are several advantages to having her in the closet, it seems. For one, you pull her out only occasionally. She can't go shopping with you (phew, what a relief) for fear of being un-closeted.You don't have to listen to her talk all the time (PHEW!), and you keep up appearances of being happily married, or single, as the case may be.

Having convinced myself with all the wonderful logic, I am going a-closet-shopping. I only said I disliked the idea of shopping with her, didn't I?


Diamond Head said...

Sounds like you came out of the closet to disclose this

Rajendra said...

I was never in it, only GF was!

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