Mumbai Meet

A few years ago, when I joined IMT Nagpur, we started holding a series of alumni meets across five cities, culminating with a sixth at the campus. We figured that the best time for these was in May/June, because students of first year were available to coordinate the events while doing their summer internships. Four to five faculty would also attend, to establish a connect with alumni, having taught them. This idea took off like nothing I have seen before. Some senior executives are also special invitees, but there are no formal speeches-only informal socialising. Our placement reps are also there, to get in touch with older alums.

Last night I found myself enjoying the Mumbai meet, this time as an alumnus faculty. There were many faces that were familiar, but I had to ask names from a few because though I see them on facebook, it is tough to put a name to a face immediately. Particularly as I have around 1500 ex-IMTians on my friend list- a staggering (but pleasant) number. Combined with weakening memory cells or RAM.

Still, some names I did recall, including Saksham, Kanika, Geetanjali, Aditya, Pavan, Neha Jha, Sheetal Garg, Aakancha, Mohnish, Shivangi, Chaitra who was an organiser last year; others introduced themselves, and the penny dropped. Like Swati, Abhijeet, Aadi, Meha, Tanvi, and many more. I think we lost a few attendees to 'shadi ke side effects' (Ishita, Anurag, Vaishali, Meghana Joshi).Surprising was a visit from Nikita who dropped in from Delhi, just to be there. There was some singing, lots of jokes and leg-pulling, some serious conversation about various facets of IMT Nagpur and IIM Indore (I told everyone that students of both were equally bright, and I believe that), and the IPL match that was on next door. We also had an interview with Concept PR, IMT's agency of choice, who covered the event with pics and videos.

It is great to see an idea implemented years ago thriving and giving so much joy to so many.


Aditi said...

It would have been a great day..! The post says it all :).
Sir, plan to come to Delhi chapter meet too :)

Rajendra said...

Aditi, thanks. I would have loved to, but that particular weekend I am out of the country. A narrow miss.

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