Soaring Temp and Elmore Leonard as Antidote

The temperature is rocketing to hitherto unknown heights. Apparently Delhi touched 46 degrees- boy, I am glad I am not there. But Indore is at an audacious 43 too, reminding one of Nagpur, and Ramagundam from the good old days. I hear the new capital of Seemandhra will be an equally hot Guntur.

I read a book called "Be Cool," by Elmore Leonard, to survive the heat. And survived, and enjoyed the book. It is a twist on a whodunit, with a movie producer watching things happen, and wanting to make a movie around those things that happen. Quite a lot happens- a murder by a wig-wearing Russian, a wannabe singer who makes it big after escaping from the clutches of a small-time manager into the hero's hands, a Samoan body-guard who specialises in throwing people off high-rises and wants to act in films, a botched murder of the killer who is waiting to kill the hero, and yet another one of that  murderer.

The characters are interesting, the pace is good, and the atmosphere is built up well. Reminded me of the James Hadley Chase days. Though I don't chase him too often nowadays.


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