Unreal Elections- The Book

The creators of Unreal Times are at their trenchant best in this ode to Elections 2014. Nobody is spared in this fictionalised account of the Great Indian Election Drama. The guy who is let off somewhat easily is actually Arvind Kejriwal, and as an afterthought, Rahul Gandhi. But all through the book, until the end, it is pure delight, as the authors give us a sneak peek into the dirty tricks departments of the major political parties, the skeletons in their cupboards tumbling at regular intervals. Particularly hilarious are the interviews that new party entrants go through in both parties, where praising THE LEADER is the major criterion to get in. Digvijaya conducts this for the congress. You can guess who for the BJP.

The major punches are actually reserved for media people Rajdeep, Sagarika, Arnab, Sreenivasan Jain, and Sanjay Jha, apart from the Congress coterie of wah-wah sayers, Sibal, Aiyar, Ahmed Patel and a few others. The first family gets it in the solar plexus, and no attempt is made to lighten the blows on Madam. Manmohan Singh only gets one dialogue to utter throughout, and that is "Theek hai." There is a funny game of KBC hosted for the Prime Ministerial candidates, and the so-called Third Front melts under the prospect of a hot face-to-face debate between Modi and Rahul. When asked to display their personality traits suited for PMship, Rahul baba displays his dimples!

There is a final twist, inspired by the film 'V for Vendetta,' where a surprise Avenger turns up to try and right the wrongs of the rulers and save the country. Cracker of a book, and very topical. Until May 16th.

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Sounds interesting.

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