Horror Movies- Then and Now


In India, Ramsay brothers were the kings of this genre. There were hands rising from the grave, or heads rolling, or songs sung by unknown spirits, or doors creaking open in the dead of the night, or skeletons tumbling out of cupboards (not figuratively, but literally), to make it feel like a 'horror' film.


A movie can be a horror film without any of the above ingredients. All it takes is-

1. An ageing hero who shows his biceps, six-packs, or just a shirtless body

2. A heroine with oodles of makeup trying to look sexy

3. A troupe of dancers with no dancing skills

4. A plot that goes berserk without head or tail

5. Songs that sound like they were tuned in hell.

6. Remakes of old movies that were themselves terrible.

7. Sequels of films that were not sequel material.

Oh, how I long for the 'real' horror films of yore


And 8) a filmmaker who doesn't know that 'horror' and 'horrible' mean two different things! :)
Diamond Head said…
you want Yorrer films not Fu(t)hrer although the Fuhrer was a horror
Rajendra said…
We have Fuhrers in the making or wannabes all over the world, making their films live.

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