List of Things To Do

No, there is no bucket in sight, so this is not a bucket list. Not even New Year in sight, so it's not a New Year list of resolutions either.

Just a list of things to do, not necessarily soon.

Visit New Zealand.

Eat biryani.

Cook something nice, tasty, zesty.

Learn to sing better.

Shop less- am already getting good at this.

Travel more, explore places old and new. Starting with my backyard.

Keep in touch with friends from the past, over the last thirty years. That includes students who are now in THE LIST.

Make new friends. This is going well.

Talk less, listen more. Difficult, but doable.

Eat less, think more. Doable?

Go to Shrivardhan- a secret getaway, no longer secret!


Harimohan said…
Your list has the perfect band of supporters here at Hyderabad. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 are all eminently doable here. Eat less, drink more, is a slightly different form that we advocate.
All in all, start travelling towards Hyderabad and I believe that all the other things will be taken care of. (Actually you could head to New Zealand from here if you wish so the entire list is possible by merely heading this way.)
Rajendra said…
Get minimal in maximum things, and max about 6 of them, I think, is the key. I like the suggested variation in the eat and think item.
Shall head there in good time, and maybe leave New Zealand to the Lord of the Rings!

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