What Can make you a Better Person?

This is a quiz of sorts, while being fully mindful of the fact that ‘better’ is a subjective adjective. Which of these would you say makes us better people?

  1. The latest mobile phone
  2. The ability to connect to people
  3. Ability to tell a joke
  4. Kindness to people
  5.  Being contented
  6.  Being grateful
  7. Listening to music
  8. Sharing a good time, however defined
  9. Travel to a new place
  10. Observing nature
  11. Watching a news channel
  12.  A sport- playing it, I mean
  13.  Contemplation over a cup of tea/coffee
  14.  Writing
  15.  Reading
  16.  Complimenting someone
  17. Being liberal
  18. Being conservative
  19. A luxury car
  20. A great laptop computer

I have left out a few things such as meditation, as I have no personal experience of these.


Diamond Head said…
constant 'betting' perhaps?
Rajendra said…
I wouldn't bet on it, DH. :)
Meghna said…
It's a good list :)
Harimohan said…
I'd find it difficult to pick between the things that require you to keep out of everybody's way (which is probably the best thing) and doing something to enhance their quality and your quality of life by doing any of the above mentioned things. Why keeping out? Simply because sometimes the best intentions (say a joke) can be perceived as being insensitive, rude etc by overly sensitive types.
Rajendra said…
Meghna, thank you.

Yes, Hari, keeping out of others' way if feasible may be a good idea. But only you would then know that you have become better! I do test the limits by joking with people though!
Rajendra said…
of course it can!

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