Colleagues From Past Workplaces

I am concentrating on the ones I am still in touch with, mostly.

Leslie Price was a colleague at Lander, South Carolina, and we got along like a house on fire. We are now older, hopefully wiser, and parents of beautiful children, and still communicate on Fb.

Muthukumar, who I worked with at the market research firm called MBA, and shared an abode called Karl Guest House in Andheri with. We still meet and bond over a beer or a whisky. Sometimes Golf.

Avinash Mulky, who was at IIM Lucknow with me, now works at IIMB and I, at IIMI. We do meet occasionally, and talk of old times and new.

BK Mohanty, a colleague from my XIM Bhubaneswar and IIM Lucknow days, is a dear friend and we get to meet here and there.

Shahida, of PESIT, now at ASCI Hyderabad, whom I have met less often, but we are in touch on the phone and through Fb.

Dhanapal, who runs his own school at Coimbatour, and worked with me at Kirloskar Institute, Harihar. We meet now and then, and plan on more golfing trips like the one we undertook in Pattaya, courtesy our student Jogeswari and her company Golftripz.

Vijayakumar, who has been at KIAMS, and IMT Nagpur, and I meet quite often, and have gone to Munnar and Kodaikanal on roadtrips to play Golf.
 Nagpur ex-colleagues at Tuli.
 The Nagpur book launch.
Vijayakumar and Jayasimha figure in this one from KIAMS.

Gadgil, who I bonded with at IMT, was in the US like me, and has great stories to tell of those times. Was also responsible for improving our MDP (training business) at IMT, with new clients like Asian Paints.

Harsh Halve, who was at IMT and is now at Jaipuria Indore, also bonded over the karaoke mike, with his family's active participation.

Jayanti Ranjan and Sita Mishra, who I have met at academic events since I left IMT Ghaziabad.

Anant Ram, who we got from KIAMS to IMT Nagpur while I was there.

T.K. Chatterjee, who was a karaoke convert after I introduced him to it.

Bhagyalakshmi, who I had the pleasure of working with at PESIT, and also at IIM Indore.

Manoharan, with whom I worked and who was my first Ph.D. student. We still write papers together, and meet when we present them.

S.P. Kumar, who is a past colleague from PESIT, and member of a nice club called the City Institute, Bangalore, where we have met a few times.

Smita, who was a colleague at IMT Nagpur, and helped me launch my autobiography at Nagpur Crossword and at Pune too.


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