Two Moving Experiences

By moving, I mean physically moving things. One major lesson learnt is that u can fit your life's possessions in a truck. What, you want no truck with the puns? Ok, then let me move on to the REAL stuff. Two recent experiences.

One truck was sent from point A in a city to point B in a different city. The contract was for unloading the material on the truck. The driver flatly refused to do that last part, in spite of a written and verbal agreement in his presence while leaving.

Second, within the city from one home to another. The sales talk was sweet as honey. The day of the move, after some arguments on the modality of the move, size of truck etc., the guy coolly presents a bill that is 7,500 rupees more than the agreed upon amount. Of course, he got a mouthful as a bonus along with the agreed-upon payment.

But the point that arises, from both these, is why do people in these businesses (or any other, extending the logic to bad service anywhere) behave like this?

In contrast, we had a great experience moving stuff from Clemson via New York to Mumbai. No hassles, and delivered as promised, within estimated time. Americans better at service businesses? Maybe. Cultural issue? Could be. But certainly worth pondering.

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Diamond Head said...

I suspect it is the gene pool. Too much chlorine maybe? We had a similar jhatka en route from Pune to Hampi. Our taxi driver with a pre-arranged full itin pulled out at the Maha / Karnataka border and said he does not have a permit to travel across and a new one is 20k. Could I get one? I felt like giving him - a tight slap but considering the series of consequences merely gave him a boot (not before he had had me fill up his tank with 3k worth of diesel).

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