Worrisome Worries

Ok, I am getting philosophical. But natural, one would say, coz I am a Doctor of Philosophy.

But I am serious. We worry too much, and don't listen to the song "Don't worry, be happy" enough.

We worry about the future, when the present calls out and says, "I am here."

We worry about what we don't have (and possibly, the neighbours do have), forgetting that we do have a lot.

We worry about the world, which seems to have taken care of itself since we were born. And probably will do so after we die..

We worry about the potholes, and the jackasses who drive like crazy.

We worry about things we have no control over, and discuss them to death. Such as, "Who will win the IPL?"

We'd be better off worrying less, and doing (or not doing) more.


Asma said...

And people worry about exams...like they are about tomorrow sir ☺😀😃 i choose to believe that there is a beautiful life, beyond exams and grades, but i must keep learning and sharing as knowledge when shared grows exponentially 😊 nice write up ☺ happy writing...

Rajendra said...

Asma, thanks for reading..I dont have to worry about talking to myself now :)

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