Joblessness and Other Indexes

Ok, Indices, maybe..I don't know. But the point is, I am coming up with some new ones, like the soap companies do, on a regular basis. Unlike them, I really had to think these through. Why should Sensex have all the fun?

Joblessness Index- Hours spent doing useful things, divided by hours spent on Social Media+Hours spent on Cell talking+Hours spent on Netflixing (this is not a word yet, I invented it..if Googling is an accepted word, this will be too)..for better results, interchange the numerator and denominator, so the number appears large, and you can then make speeches worrying about it.

Economy's Health Index. Doctors' earnings for all doctors divided by Patients' Bank Balance (Amount reduced by paying medical bills) indicates the economy's health- can you argue with this?

Pseudo-intellectuals Index. This is the total number of posts forwarded in a day about anything that sounds intellectual but is not, multiplied by 1000.

Real Intellectuals Index. The number of people who did their homework (or any work) without Copy/Pasting anything.

Smart Bloggers Index. This species does not exist, and therefore this index is not needed.

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