Learnings- IIM Indore NASMEI Marketing Conference

Stefan Haves and Phil Zerrillo, are two speakers we had invited to kickstart our Marketing conference (with our partner NASMEI) at IIM Indore - and what a session it turned out to be.

Both are Americans, but with very different backgrounds. Phil is a Ph.D. from Philip Kotler's workplace, and is currently at Singapore Managaement University and runs a Case writing centre, among other things. Stefan is a Director with Cirque du Soleil, and writes comic parts for actors to play. He has also directed a couple of Hollywood films.

Learnings- Customer value (our conference theme) may take different forms at different times, but the customer is keen to get value for his money, and marketers who keep up with them will win their hearts.

The connection with customers is important. The heart should rule along with the head. Our humanism is slowly making way for a technology-based humanoid, and the joy of living comes from balancing the feminine side (intuition, softer feelings, and all the rest) with logic that represents the brain. 

Tips for teaching and learning were also a part of this-using the body, voice, as elements in a classroom session were also discussed. A vibrant beginning to the conference.

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