Day 2 of the IIMI NASMEI conference

Day 2 of the conference kicked off with a presentation by four luminaries- Manoj Agarwal, Raji Srinivasan, Rama Bijapurkar and Pingali Venugopal. The first two are representing NASMEI, which is our partner for this conference. They are hard-core academics at U.S. universities. Rama is a consultant, and Venugopal is a prof. at XLRI.

As usual, there were many familiar faces, like Ramesh Kumar from IIM Bangalore, and a few new ones. Moutusy Maity of IIML told me she has published a book on Digital Marketing, and I am looking forward to reading that. I mentioned our plans to edit a Case Book on the subject (some of you readers would be the contributors).

Learnings- Customer value in emerging markets may manifest itself differently, because of lower discretionary income levels, but some aspirations are common across levels of income, and many marketing concepts hold good anywhere in the world.

Also, there are not enough customer voices or marketing people in the Board rooms of American companies. Third, that sustainability is not recognised enough by marketers and consumers, except sporadically. That needs to change.

Research Paper presentations will start today and continue through tomorrow.

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