The Expected and the Unexpected

Life is a balance between the two. We wake up wanting some things (like we breathing) to be the same, and expecting some surprises to liven the proceedings (just breathing can't make you breathless with excitement?).

So it was. Some planned events, and some unplanned comprised this visit to my favourite place (actually I now have many, wherever I can meet old friends and new), Hyderabad. Though it was a very short visit, managed to meet a few of my engineer friends (classmates from O.U., or Osmaniacs) and visited the Hyderabad Boat Club for the first time. They have a lake-facing restaurant at Tank Bund-couldn't see any boats though.

Also ran into Bhawana Sahay, ex-student, with whom I was only in touch on fb so far..feels great to meet someone in person, and put a face to the DP (she has been an award winner at my DP Awards).

Also met some old friends from Singareni Collieries -the coal miner- who were visiting Hyderabad on vacation from Bangalore. To more such coincidences! Of course, a primary reason for the visit was my niece's birthday. She is turning into a cricketer too..good for Women's cricket.

Also saw some spectacular ad-carpet-bombs from Lalitha Jewellers all over the place. You couldn't miss the hoardings. Unique message too. More on that later.

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