Courses I Have Taught

Since I started teaching in 1986 as a grad teaching assistant at Clemson, I have taught the following courses in management schools-

Intro. to Computer Applications
Operations Research
Principles of Management
The above were taught to undergraduates in the U.S.

On return to India in 1991, these have been my staple in MBA level teaching.

Marketing Research
Advertising, and its new avatar, Integrated Management Communications
Marketing Management
Business to Business Marketing
Business Communication-only once at Kirloskar Institute
Services Marketing-I even wrote a book on this subject while at IIM Kozhikode.

Seminar on Thought Leadership- this is a thought-provoking one, hopefully without provoking students who take it.

Digital Marketing, after I discovered I could not stay away any longer.

The following have also been taught to the Ph.D. students-

Seminar on Retailing-plan to modify this to include Tourism.
Marketing Models
Digital Marketing Seminar- under development.

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