This is a composite pic made from two different ones- the one on the right is from Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management at Hyderabad, where I worked from 1992-1995. The one on the left is from IMT Nagpur, where I was between 2009-2013.

The journey to this point is full of learnings. I have found that I like the cosy small classes better than the industrial, large ones. Not much one can do about it, though.

I have also found that learning mostly happens by doing, much more so than by listening to someone talk, though  a combination might work. This, one can do something about.

Projects which take you into the field are almost guaranteed to teach you something new.

Exams should make a student think-not a professor, about how he will grade them on time.

Bureaucracy is stifling-wherever it exists, and is probably the single biggest reason that creativity gets stifled anywhere- a country, an organisation.

Selection processes are critical in maintaining quality, both of students and teachers.


Diamond Head said...

I recently read about over abundance of education. There was a time when High School education was meant to be High. Gross mismatch between what is taught and we need.

Rajendra said...

Maybe we have too much of it, yes..

Harimohan said...

Learning by doing.

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