What Friends Mean

They remind you that you are not alone. Of course, in a way different from your family members. The ones who give you advice -right and wrong, are usually friends. They stand by you when the going gets tough.
 College gang above, and MBA classmates, below.
 Dilliwalas when I was one, briefly..
 Can Chennai be far behind?..
 Man's best friend, on IIM B terrace many moons ago.
 KIAMS students with me..
 IMT students..
 more of them..
 Harfan maula Chasha and gang at IIMB.
 Samren and Annie, life support in the U.S.
 Fog and Golf go well..Dhanapal, at Kodai Golf Club.
 Indore MDP on Digital Marketing..
 and the winners of the Google Online Marketing challenge on karaoke..

Friendships of childhood are often strong, and can persist over decades. The ones formed later in life can be strong too, but have less time to be tested. I can remember many friends made pre-facebook days, who are still friends. We are in touch virtually a lot more than earlier, but that helps too, just to check on what's new and be reassured that they are doing fine. I consider myself fortunate to have a large friends' circle, including former colleagues, former students and just friends from college and beyond. I have made friends from blogging, too- fellow bloggers. Others share interests such as travel, photography, food, or gossip. Just made a bunch of new friends over the last two years through a music group I joined, thanks to a former student from 1991.

Meeting old friends or new is a joy for a fairly long period, and highly recommended. Unexpected meetings, even more so.

Make friends, meet friends. It's Friends' Day. But then, every day is.

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