Men and Women –A Perfect Balance

Inspired by the Mars and Venus book (he became a millionaire, I may or may not), here is my own attempt to put the two major creations of God (in our neighbourhood, not the jungle) in perspective. That nature needs balance is beyond the shadow of a doubt. Let us examine how men and women help nature achieve it.

Women like to nurture. Man likes to be nurtured. It is a habit formed in childhood.

Women like clean surroundings, and are prepared to work for them. Ditto man, but he is willing to let women work for them, but does not insist they do so.

Women like to cook. Man likes to eat.

Women like to shop. He likes to let them do so, if he can afford it, as long as he is not required to go along.

Women like shiny metal, and men (with a couple of exceptions like Bappi Lahiri) detest the stuff. Keeps the gold economy going. Similarly, man keeps the newspaper industry alive by reading tons of newsprint.

When sports are on TV, he does not even wish to argue, and will readily agree with anything his wife may say. If you want to get divorce papers with a fat alimony signed, ladies, this is the perfect time.

Women insist on washing clothes. He does not mind wearing them (washed clothes) one bit.

And thus, the perfect harmony that nature desires, is maintained.


Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
Harimohan said…
Some more:
Women like to talk (to themselves). Men like to listen (to tv).
Women want to stay at home (with their men). Men want to stay away from home (with other men).
Women get into a relationship to get married (at some point). Men get into a relationship to stay single (they cannot understand the connection).
Women think long term (in almost everything). Men think short term (in almost everything).
ಭಾಶೇ said…
Absolutely no comments at all!!!
Rajendra said…
I can see a competitor to the Mars and Venus book emerging, particularly with no comments emerging out of the fair sex.

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