With Love to Russia

There was a James Bond movie titled From Russia with Love. I took the title and twisted it a little, but primarily, this is to express my surprise (pleasant one, of course) at the readership from Russia (for this blog) crossing the readership in India and that from the U.S. for the current week.

Not very clear about why this happened, but I am quite happy about the fact that it has happened in unexpected quarters. I only knew Raj Kapoor's films were popular in Russia some time ago.

Visiting Hyderabad on some work, met two alumni of early batches of KIAMS for a long chat. One of them had helped write a case about her company called Golftripz, which pioneered Golf tours for Indians wanting to play abroad. Hoping to eat some authentic Hyderabadi biryani as I am in close proximity to one of its major purveyors, Paradise restaurant.


Diamond Head said…
I am no network expert but I suspect that traffic is routed through a central server somewhere in Russia and is getting counted..I too see that on my stats and cannot imagine Dr. Zhivago getting interested ..if its true then there are more bilinguals on the planet than I imagined
Rajendra said…
You might be right. The bean counters are probably too dense to detect the 'spurious' data or don't care. Anyway, floating through Dr. Zhivago land at least!

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