Places I Liked Living In

Going on with this places thing, I lived in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Calicut/Kozhikode, Lucknow, Harihar, and Nagpur in my working life since 1984.

If I were to think about places that I liked living in, Harihar would top the list. I did not know where it was when I went there, but the small town-great facilities combo was like suburban living in an idyllic suburb of any city. We lived in a colony which had 40 year old trees, a river (Tungabhadra) within walking distance, a market also close enough to walk to- I am reminded of Bill Bryson's comment that we hardly walk anywhere these days- and a golf course within walking distance, to top it all. What more can a man ask for?

Bhubaneswar was also idyllic in its own way, no pollution, all green, and an almost rural feel. Why do we yearn for this rural ambience? Because it relaxes the spirit. Very tough to be relaxed in the midst of screaming traffic and chaos everywhere around you, I suppose. We find an escape through watching weird TV shows, and the like.

Nagpur is also a nice place, if you don't commute through the heart of the town- I don't. The campus of IMT (about 35 kms, from town) is of course like a little green zone, very picturesque and gives you the feeling of being in a garden. Lucky are those who get to work in such places. Talking of picturesque, IIMK's campus at Calicut is one of the prettiest (work) places I have seen (and also worked in a couple of years).

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