Weird Places- contd.

Chateau D' If, off Marseilles in France. Setting where The Count of Monte Cristo is based. Had an Indian style toilet on the island.

Greece- the whole country behaves like India does. Including the economy getting into trouble. We were already there in 1991. Only, the Mediterranean/Aegean waters are bluer. And Hindi is not Greek to me. They even have Gods who behave like ours. And have written epics about them.

Nandi Hills near Bangalore- apparently the only reason people go there is to drink beer. I guess people are weird, not the place.

Airports with aerobridges lying idle- as you can guess, I am sitting at one. Gotta go, or I'll miss the bus.


Diamond Head said…
'Paree' with its claim to fame in the form of a rusting metal tower also is weird...who ever calls their food..Pain (bread)..just read that the locals have had it with Sir-Cozy
Rajendra said…
Yes, never could understand the fascination for a tower of metal..but then, haven't understood what makes Indian TV soaps run for 5-10 years either. A lot remains to be learnt, I realize now.

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