Papa to band bajayein- Housefull 2 Review

I liked Mithun best of all the actors, though the others were pretty good for their parts too. A farce that plays out nicely, so you don't feel the length of the film, it is much better than its prequel, which was hardly funny. The story is pretty hackneyed, and probably the same as in part 1. But the treatment is slick and the laughs are pretty regular and pretty good. The music also adds to it, and so do the animals in the early part- the alligator and the python. For me, 'Papa to band bajayein' was the best, with its catchy tune, and lyrics, and a rollicking dance sequence. Very colourful.

The (old villain and here the'rapist' with a pun on the word) Ranjit takeoff also works, and Asin does a good job of imitating him too. Akshay acts well, though the effort shows a bit, but John is still struggling to act well, or at all. Johny Lever pulls out a few good punches to keep the drama going. Randhir and Rishi are good in parts, and their wives have nothing to do. Anarkali (Malaika) does a good job while dancing, but is not convincing thereafter. Asin, Shazan and Jacquelin are good, though Zarine Khan looks a bit heavy for a glam role.

All in all, good fun while it lasts. Though it has no lasting value. Pretty good time-pass. I think Sajid Khan is improving with time.


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