Power of Letters

There is a lot of power that a letter of the alphabet packs. You wanna bet?

H has a lot of negative energy. For example, add h to wining, and it turns into whining.

T can transform things in space . Here can become There in a jiffy.

A ditch can get evil powers if you put in a 'w' for the 'd'.

You can't make light of it if the 'l' goes out of it; you get a 'fight' going.

And not only can you have a tit for tat but also a tat for a tit by switching the 'i' and the 'a', rather than playing with an 'i' for an 'i'.

See what I mean? No? You are just being mean.


Diamond Head said…
all bets are off when H becomes HETCH although an itch cab be a b*
Rajendra said…
very pertinent observations, DHetch!

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