My Miracle Cures

Inspired by various miracle cures being promoted for a wide range of illnesses on TV channels (why  all these docs originate in places like Faridabad and Pithampur, is something I am yet to fathom, but let us keep that aside in the larger interest), I decided I will promote my own diets/remedies/miracle cures. Try them if you believe in miracles.

1. Adrak wali chai- miraculously wakes you up. Not half as effective if you have to wake up and make it yourself. If possible, get married before you try this.

2. Pan after lunch/dinner. This is excellent for your system, and for the mouth. Not so good for the white walls, but that is a small price to pay for keeping your system functioning well.

3. Mooli ke paranthe. Generally, the mooli is white, the colour that symbolises purity (all Bollywood moms wear white- or used to, until they finished off the mom character itself). You get the point. Pure, and wholesome.

4. Cadbury's chocolate. Contrary to what people believe, this was an Indian Ayurvedic recipe, for which credit is not given. Good as a mood uplifter, much more than the ballyhooed substitutes. Women will vouch for this, as will promoters of Valentine's Day (another blatantly copied ancient Indian custom, relabelled and sold back to us). If only we had patents,...

5. TV. This is a remedy that was conceptualised by Ayurveda for many ills. John Logie simply manufactured it. It is a cure for sleeplessness, tendency towards too much exercise, overuse of brains, and lack of babysitters. Try it, guaranteed 100% cure for all the above. Only, avoid telemarketing channels selling Ayurvedic medicine. They are frauds.


Diamond Head said…
Blog-o-baba ki jade(d) booti..awesome (esp since Bipasha booti out of reach of common man)
Rajendra said…
Anushka ke bina shushk?

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