Stress- Then and Now

When I was a kid growing up, we had-

Only one brand of toothpaste- Colgate. Now you have 200.
Only the radio. Now kids have TV, Internet, Mobile, Ipad, Kindle, ..
Only white teeth. Now they come in Blue too.
Only home-made food. Now you have McD, Pizza Hut, Dosa, Vada Pav, and Indian Chinese, Indian Italian, Indian Mexican, American Balushashi (sorry, Donuts), Horrible airport sandwiches, even more horrible airline sandwiches,....
Only one superstar at a time. It was either Khanna or Bachchan. Now we have at least 5 Khans and twenty Kapoors..

Even after the TV came in, we had only one channel, Doordarshan. Now, there are 400.

Movies were only in theatres. Now, you have DVDs, downloads (as a Chief Minister recently told reminded us), file sharing, and so on, in addition to re-runs and dubbed movies)

Is it any surprise then, that stress levels were low then, and are high now?
Moral of the story- (having to make a) choice breeds stress.


Harimohan said...

I agree. Not to mention that we have to express ourselves on mail, facebook, blog, twitter, google plus, linkedin and what not. And whether to do that on the desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet or whatever other gadgets that are now available. All we needed then was to write a letter or talk on the landline (if we had one).

Diamond Head said...

..Girth - a non issue since you had to walk and now there is a choice of a treadmill or an elliptical or a fake cycle since we can drive or telecommute or Uber..anything to not walk.

prakrti said...

Agree one hundred and fifty percent!!

Elizabeth said...

Haha...I was laughing out loud while reading this though I am not sure if this was the appropriate response that you wished to elicit from the reader through this post :)

Rajendra said...

Thanks, all. It is agreeable to have you all agreeing..ha, ha,..DH, girth leads to mirth, mostly, with or without the trappings.

..and Elizabeth, laughter is certainly a good reaction.Better than turning up your nose, for instance..just kidding. I am very happy you laughed. Keep doing so.

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