Kite-flying and Other Pursuits

Flying kites has never been my thing. But caught up in the enthusiasm of our students who organised the event (hopefully they did not have classes at the time), and a couple of colleagues, I went along with the idea, and we flew a kite or two yesterday. By the way, it's the done thing to do this at this time of the year, in many Indian states. My learnings from the escapade-

It is not as simple as it looks. (I also had this enlightenment earlier when I began playing Golf)

The kite continues to fly only if handled correctly, so the flyer is an important part.

There is a time to tighten the reins, and a time to let go. Both are needed for the kite to soar as high as it is capable of doing.

A kite can take a lot of beating, and still fly. It does not give up easily.

A breeze is what is ideal for it to fly, not a storm. Nor a dead wind. Strikes me as similar to Buddha's Middle Path...


Diamond Head said…
Kite the Pat'angst'

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