Dolly ki Doli- Film Review

Dolly ki Doli is watchable. The premise is quite a likeable one, with certain similarities to Dawat-e-ishq in the modus operandi followed by the bride. Only, in this case, she is the genuine article- a scamster through and through.

An interesting premise, of marrying gullible men and making off with the booty after feeding them milk mixed with drugs; done reasonably well. The only problem I had was that of a lack of hard-hitting scenes and dialogue. It might have enhanced the film's WQ- watchability quotient- a lot. The lead actor Sonam Kapoor has done well, except the dance number. Malaika still does that a lot better.

The support actors are all pretty good. The length of the movie is a pleasant 100 minutes, and that is a plus. Some of the jokes about marriage and relationships (for instance, Sonam telling one of her victims that it is cheaper to get scammed than to be married a long time) are decent. I wouldn't go out of the way to watch this caper, but it's not bad. 2.8 on 5.


Diamond Head said...

Bolly wood Doli ng out more of the same?

Rajendra said...

Well said. Though if they keep it short, I am all for the dole.

adeem said...

Sadly, in this 'pure woman' obsessed industry, even a conwoman is presented in the 'touch me not' garb. By the writer's and director's logic, Dolly can break hearts, break trust of the men who fell in love with her and chose to marry her, but please ignore all that because she is a good woman. It's just that she has had a failed relationship in the past and please adore her because she doesn't allow anyone to touch or kiss her! If a heartbreak in the past (every woman goes through that in one form or the other) justifies the protagonist turning a criminal, okay then.
This premise could have worked wonders, if the director confidently showed the protagonist as the stone hearted, badass woman who cheated men for the pure thrill of it. That Dolly would have been far more convincing than this strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri.

Rajendra said...

probably not trusting the family audience to like the 'bold and badassed' woman, Adeem.

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