A surprise is a surprise is a surprise..or is it?

Some surprises lose their charm because they are on expected lines, like a birthday surprise of any kind. I like non-birthday surprises better. Like-

a flower looking majestic on a plant

a witty joke from a person/ a book

an unexpected smile from someone

someone laughing at my joke a lot more than warranted

a bird pooping after you have cleared "the zone"

meeting somebody out of the blue, and chatting away about "the good old days"

someone who is not 'busy' all the time

a corollary of the above, someone who does not answer his mobile phone calls while eating, in a meeting, in a movie hall, ...the list is long.

an fb message that is unexpected


Diamond Head said...

I am not surprised you said this

Rajendra said...

me neither..still looking for one.

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