Einstein and the Case Study Method

What's common between Einstein's theory of relativity and the case study method? Just that there is no single best way. Or, that it's all relative.

Why the business school has caught on (or the MBA, if you prefer) is that it is different from the school and college (technical college, anyway) that keeps telling you there is one solution to a given problem.

In the MBA, we were taught (and we try and teach) that the best is contextual, at best. There is a different best based on who you are, what you want to achieve, and the resources you are willing to expend trying to achieve. Could be money, time, effort, hard grind etc..

The case method of learning/teaching exemplifies this more than anything else. Not the best method of learning, maybe, but a pretty good one, given the right usage, in the right hands, and the right students.

Similarly, we waste our time achieving the best as defined by someone else in life. A better way would be to find out what makes you happy, figure out if it will help you lead a life reasonably well, and go for it. The rest can be left for the others to criticise and comment on- maybe that will create happiness for them!

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