How to Tackle Bosses

I am now into consulting for The Greater Good. I am kicking this off with a simple manual on How to Tackle Bosses- one of the most vexing issues for inexperienced young people taking their baby steps into corporate life. No, you don't owe me. This is purely for society's greater good.

1. Flatter him/her. This can take a frontline worker in any department and make him/her a unit head faster than a Porsche can go from 0-100 kms.

2. Arrive at work just before he does, and leave just after. Works wonders, and results in quick promotions.

3. Ask him for advice on inconsequential matters. Everyone likes to be seen as a wise guy (in the positive sense), and this will create a good impression. The complicated stuff, you can decide for yourself-you don't want him to screw that up!

4. Report regularly to him on what you have been doing. This can be a mix of 40% reality and 60% fiction, but realistic fiction. This helps to create an impression that you believe in hierarchy and discipline-virtues for an infant in corporate-dom.

5. Volunteer for any committee, task force or project team for which he calls for volunteers. Chances are, you won't have to do anything. You can think of excuses at leisure, because he will have moved on to his next pet theme by the time you were expected to deliver something.

You may contact me for some more tips. And it will help if you say that these worked!


Rakesh said…
Absolutely! Your list is more or less complete. These work for sure.
Rajendra said…
Thank you,Rakesh.
With every tip, I missed (not really happily) my ex-bosses!

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