Creating nicknames is a creative pastime, and should be encouraged. We had a batchmate amongst our class of 1982-84 PGDM who single-handedly created many nicknames for our profs. Cadbury was the name chosen for one who resembled Richie Rich's butler.

Of course, we all had nicknames in the batch-some were created, some fell into place naturally. Here is a list of some interesting ones-

Henry Fayol for Srikanth Payal

Talaivar for Sriram

Sexy for Shakti Ghosal

Abbajan for Siraj Siddiqui

Bhau for Ramani

Dunhill for (The) Anil Srivastava

Gobish for Gautam Biswas

Pakad Baees (Catch 22 in Hindi) for Harish Arora

Dukhi for PK Gopalakrishnan

Han Jian for Anil Jain

Smoke Smoke for Swamimalai Srinivasan Ramesh

POM I for A. Ramamurthy (there were two other POMs in the batch)

Dancing Queen for A Ramesh Kumar

Tappu for Sajiv Menon

Chasha for Chandramouli Sarma

Mandrake for Himanshu Manglik

Shah of Kiraan for Kiran shah

Banana Tax for Kishore Kelekar

R2D2 for S. Sivaram

Paranjyoti for Narayan Das

Toffler for R. Sridhar

Gothix for I.K. Gautam

Rajan of India (ROI) for M.S. Rajan

Fu Manchu for S. Kantimathinathan

and Gunds for me :)


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