IMT Nagpur Pics

A collection of pics from IMT Nagpur days. Many were clicked at alumni meets, some at the campus. Great times.
Saksham and Anuradha Chatterjee, with others at campus event.

 Another alum group. Hanika and others.
 Inaugurating Frost n Fun. With Mallika.
 Jasleen at Janmashtami.
 With Prof Gadgil on a memorable trip to the Lonar crater.
 Meenu Mynam - Hyderabadi conversation.
 Devapriya Roy watches keenly at Milestone inauguration
 My friend Prabhakar visits for Foundation lecture.
 Abdullah, Shuchi and gang at Hyderabad alum meet.
 Alum meeting. Pradeep Majumdar.


Garima S said…
Meenu mynam pic love dat one .....something intellectual going on fr sure !!!!
Rajendra said…
Yes, Garima, she is a great combo of beauty and brains.

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