Initial Impressions- Sri Lanka

Went for a family (destination) wedding to Sri Lanka and stayed in Negombo beach. First impressions-

It is expensive compared to many similar Indian destinations. Particularly, entry fees for foreigners are high in many sight-seeing spots. Some may be worth the price, some not.

The people are nice and friendly. Mostly, laid-back. The cleanliness is a lesson to us. They also obey traffic signals.

The women wear sarees, but in a slightly different way.

The towns resemble Kerala in colour of store-fronts, and appams are available everywhere. The greenery is similar too.

So are lunch buffets with prices varying from 250 Sri-Lankan Rupees to 500 or more. Lots of women entrepreneurs in this business.

Tea, gemstones, cashews are some specialities.

It would take a week to see all the sights. We did a couple, along with the wedding.

E-visas are very easy to get online.


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