Stating the Obvious

..and getting away with it, is the full title of this post. You see it happening all around you. Corporate honchos, economists, teachers, and many celebrities, commentators (yes, cricket commentators) keep giving us their wisdom by stating something that is obvious. And make the headlines.

India will keep, any dumb idiot can see that. At least in population, if nothing else.

The party with the largest number of seats will form the government.

If we have headwinds from US policy, blah, blah, blah,...growth will slow.

If you study regularly, you will score well..that's a big IF, isn't it?

That ball was hit for a six by XYZ..really? Are TV viewers generally blind?

That new Bollywood film is short on Story..Tell me something new.

The TV serial actors can't act (and directors can't direct. Only producers continue producing).

Interest rates should go down/go up. There are only two ways it can go. I can toss a coin.


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