Wisdom on a Tee

Tee shirts can carry a message across faster than a lot of fat philosophical tomes, or boring lectures on the subject-or any subject. A smartly designed set of words or a picture is all it takes. For instance, Sula (the wine maker) has a few that promote wine- Drink some wine, become a Winestein, with a pic of the great man. There's one going around on fb right now, a Mexican/Spanish woman wearing one that says-Relax, GRingo, I'm legal, referring to Trump's immigration policy.

A lot of things that need saying can be said easily on a tee-shirt without offending anyone (oh, that's so easy to do on some media). I just found something that fits me to a T- "You can't scare me-I have two daughters."

Just got one the other day that says "Rajni inside" -obviously, in Chennai. Makes me feel like a superstar. Got to wear it more often.


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