La Dolce Vita- Classic Film Review

Though it rhymes with Bournvita, this is a classic film directed by Italian director Federico Fellini. It is a classic, sometimes abstract in its depiction of ideas-existential angst being one of them.

Loosely, the title means "Living the good life," and the hero's quest for one is the major theme. He is a member of the paparazzi who chase every sleazy story possibility, ad somewhere along the line, he realises the futility of it. Aspiring for what he believes is the ideal life, he tries to chase women, and then imitate a friend who seemingly has it all-a wife, two adorable children and a beautiful house and exotic interests (such as Oriental music). The hero is shattered when he finds that the friend has shot himself and his two children in a depressed state.

He drifts in and out of a hippie-style crowd, and out of his one long-standing relationship too. The film ends without resolving his issues, and could be a comment on many things wrong with our society, individuals and their goals in life.

It is a bit long, but mostly sustains interest due to the rich imagery and imaginative visuals, starting from the first shot of a helicopter carrying a statue to the Vatican. The acting is good, and some of the scenes are quite intriguing.


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