Digital Marketing Program @IIM Indore

This pic has some of the participants (and faculty) in the program we just completed at our campus. A first in this format (3-day management development program), it was a nice experience. Young and old participants were equally enthusiastic and participative, and the conversations in class sometimes exceeded the faculty's talk-time alone. In my view, that is a great success in itself.

Lots of things were discussed, and Subho (bearded bloke in a dark shirt at the back) brought in perspectives from thedigitalfellow, his consulting outfit. We also had another industry speaker from the hospitality sector, who brought in the corporate viewpoint. Industries represented from the participants' side were Apparel, Shoes, Telecom, Banking, Law, and Railtel and Payments Corp. among others. There was sharing of experiences too.

Fun elements were outings for dinner (in pic) and trips to Sarafa (Indore night market) with smoking pan and other attractions. The whole gang is in class in this pic below.

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