Review- When Harry Met Sejal

If you want a tour of Europe, watch Queen or Raj Kapoor's Sangam. If you want a story, watch any film of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s. Including the Imtiaz Ali film Jab We Met. But not this.

This made me nostalgic for any of the above-mentioned eras of films. Weird thing was, all the ads shown before the film starred Amitabh. I wished he was in the film, and the film's actors in the ads. Not sure whom to blame, but as the writer and director, Imtiaz Ali should take most of it.

The film's premise is so crappy that one wonders who would make a film on such a stupid idea. It is further compounded by poor dialogue, screenplay and music. Acting is not much to write home about, either, but the script should be faulted for that too.

The Gujju-accented Anushka doesn't actually jell at all, and Shah Rukh looks as though he is sleep-walking; incidentally, I felt the same way in Raees.


Harimohan said…
Hmmm. That's that then. :)

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