Marketing Orientation in Government

Citizens ought to be treated as consumers, and their satisfaction needs to be a prime objective. So what are some ways to achieve this?

Distribution- many government services are available at few places, inaccessible to most people. Chandrababu Naidu's e-Seva changed that to some extent in Andhra Pradesh when it was introduced. Now, at least for people with Online access, a trip to the govt. office should be made redundant. Anything that they need to do should be made available online and delivered home. Even if there is a price premium charged, most people would happily opt for it. Post offices can be used for all address verification, for instance.

Attitude- Even if a citizen lands up in a government office, he is faced with an obstructionist attitude which tells him what he has done wrong. The opposite needs to be the case.

Finally, the onus of proving that the citizen is wrong should be on the government--in other words, like in jurisprudence, you are always right, unless the govt. can prove that you are not.

Service Gurantees - If you don''t get that service on time, it should be free.

Repeat customers should be rewarded.

Might help improve satisfaction by miles.

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