Ragas and their classification

There are zillions of ragas, I am told. But my listing is not the real classical ones. These are totally new, invented by me. To be sung in appropriate tunes..

Work related ragas

   Victim Raga- I am a victim, ..only I seem to work around here.

   Nitwit Raga- My co-workers are nitwits..who hired them, who hired them,...repeat musically

Love Life (Relationship?) Related Ragas

   Rocking Raga-The flowers are dancing, my life is rocking,..

   Full of Doubts Raga- Will she, won't she, will she, won't she..

    Never Again Raga- I will never fall in love again,...I am becoming a monk/a saint..

Old Age Ragas

    Spectacular Raga- Where did I keep the chashma (spectacles)?...

    Beckham Raga- Why doesn't my body bend at the right places?

    Existential Raga- Where am I, Who am I? Who are all these people?

    Dhritarashtra Raga- Yeh kya ho raha hai (Hindi)?

Boss Ragas

    The I Tune- I know everything, I KNOW everything, I know EVERYTHING

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Diamond Head said...

A word you do not hear much in the states - Ragamuffin

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