Dealing with Stress

Disclaimer-this is not a serious post. Intended purely as a de-stresser.

Stress is a big, big, problem. Or is it? What is stress? What used to cause us stress-inability to spell correctly words like onomatopoeia-is no longer a cause of it to the generation which has auto-correct. It's another matter entirely that auto-correct causes its own stress by creating and inserting words that were unintended in messages and mails.

Let's see-what else caused stress? At teen age, maybe the eternal question - "Will she, Won't she?" was a cause for eternal stress. And pimples. A teen did not think beyond love and pimples. Clearasil solved the pimples issue. But the other one was quite a handful. And no solution in sight, too. Today's teen might get stressed if the net connection is off for two minutes or more.

In adult (read working) life, bosses are supposed to be the cause for stress. But there are easy solutions to this-change your job, or become a boss. In the former case, you change the stressor, not remove the root cause. The second solution is always the better one. But the best solution is to get adopted by a millionaire so you don't HAVE to work.

Having caused distress to you instead of helping you de-stress as promised, I shall stop here and leave you to meditate upon what you have read-or just meditate. That's supposed to relieve stress. You never know until you try it, do you? Good luck.

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