How to Beat the Heat

Not literally beat it, but how to tackle the hot, hot, hot days.  Hot tips-

Drink some buttermilk. Actually, lots of it.

Become a tee-totaller. Make some tea and drink it. Preferably, every hour on the hour. This does two things. It prevents you from going out in the sun, and you also get some fruit for your labour.

Read interesting stuff that takes your mind off the heat. And the heat off your mind. Just finished a Bertha Cool-Donald Lam mystery.

Talk to Alexa, about anything that interests you, and her. It's the digital assistant I am talking about, not a real person. That, you do at your own risk.

Play golf in a cool place. I am going to try it - not just preach. You'll hear more of this, I am sure.

Drink iced tea, kokum sherbet, or solkadhi, or rooh afza, depending on your likes. All good solutions for the summer heat.

Hold your head under a cold shower, or wrap a cold towel around your head, if everything else fails.

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