Why the Adjective Matters

You could actually make it Why Adjectives Matter, because you are going to need more than one.

Imagine if you were an author. Your most important job is to describe the hero and the heroine. How will you be able to do this if your command over adjectives is weak? Your description will fall flat on its face, and readers will desert you in droves. Mills and Boon, for instance, would be out of business.

Imagine you are out on a date. How do you impress her/him? It is by using adjectives, of course, apart from showing that you are tender, and loving, and that you care. Ae nargis-e-mastana (a popular Hindi film song) is just one of several examples. Your chances of taking the whole thing forward rests on which adjectives you choose to use.

Imagine you are an eye-witness in a court on someone's murder trial (just imagine it!). Most of what you will be asked are descriptions of a scene, or a person-before and after the murder. Adjectives will come in handy, once again.

Hope you are convinced, after such appropriate examples. Go learn some adjectives. They will stand you in good stead.

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