How to Deal With Fake News

Among all the manuals you need today, this is the most important- How to deal with Fake News. You will never ever need another manual on this subject. So here's how-

Step 1: Treat all news as fake news until proven otherwise. The onus of proof lies on the newscaster, reporter, forwarder, etc..and not on you. You just enjoy the feeling of being entertained by the lowly beings who create this, just like you might enjoy (I said might) a blockbuster Bhai film.

Step 2: Subscribe to the fakingnews website. They really have some good stuff, and they tell you it's fake news too. Pure entertainment, no tension about whether you should respond angrily, get offended, launch a counterattack, and so on.

Step 3: No news is good news. Switch off all news feeds, and listen to the birds tweet-instead of those awful 140 character things. Pretty sure you won't miss much, except voting day. But then, you are just voting for another fake news creator, so what the heck..go back to your beer, or chai, or whatever, and you a lot of peace.

Step 4. If everything else fails, fake some news of your own... Everything is fair in the war of the fakes...

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