Talented Folks I Know

This is triggered by a short film starring Divya Sharmaa, a former student at KIAMS. As usual, this is a short list (the long list would take too long) of some others (friends and relatives included)-

Padmapriya, actress who has won a National Award.

Abhinav Kamal, film-maker. Has won a Cannes Award.

Mir Ali (Osmania, IIMB)-lyricist of films such as Dor.

Bugzy, Pradyumna, Harshad Lunavat, Vivek Anant, Anuja,..photographers.

Parul Kashyap..blogger.

Harimohan, Pavan Tarawade, Sreeram, Devapriya Roy..published authors.

Arvind Joshi- Salsa dancer and trainer.

Shweta Sinha, Poonam Bhatia, Sheetal Garg, Anumeha Saxena, Shraddha Nigdikar, TK Chatterjee, Parth Gokhale, Milind Deshpande..singers.

Geeta Choudhary- humourist in real life. Indira, photographer, and artist.

Suhita Thatte- actress.

Jayant Dharmadhikari- writer of scripts, producer of Ankahee.

Dash (IIMB), Gowri, Meenu Mynam, Soumya Marla..writers.

Sanjana, Jasmine, Shrunga, Ayushi, Avik, Philip, Urvaksh,..Shreya, Ram..actors in a play or two at Indore.

Harish Chaudhary, Shweta Kushal,..directors of a play or two.

Rajan of India (IIMB), Thomas (a colleague at VJIM)- fun guys who coined interesting names for people.

Of course, talents extend in many directions..there will be a long list another day. For instance, cooking.. I am ready to taste and certify..

1 comment:

Meenu said...

The fact that you still remember so many people/names is extremely impressive, Sir.
Happy that I am included. How are you doing, Sir?

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