Parmanu- Film Review

Goes to prove that a good leader can make a difference. I am talking about Atal Behari Vajpayee who had to take a call, and he did. The story is well-known, about India cocking a snook at the Western powers and conducting nuclear tests anyway.

The film does justice to the event, and has the cast perform credibly. The twists keep you interested, and occur at regular intervals. Diana Penty became one of my favourite actresses after I saw her in Happy Bhag Jayegi-she carried the film on her shoulders. Here she has the only female character in the A-team, and does well. John Abraham did well to produce the film, and is good in his part.

A couple of things were hard to digest- for instance, forgetting to look for bugs in the hotel room (or the phone tapping) in such a secret operation. But the later catching of the American spy sort of makes up for that intelligence lapse.

It speaks well of Indian capabilities when put to the test. Boman Irani in particular, is very convincing and has a critical role.

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