Books That Need to be Written-Updated

There are many unwritten books, and many writers looking for fresh ideas. I thought I will make life easier- these are ideas for books.

1. If all the countries in the world give up nuclear arms..

2. School Shootouts in the U.S.- an Encyclopaedia

3. Advise Gone Wrong- an even Bigger Encyclopaedia.

4. Election Bakwaas- the Biggest Global Compendium

5. How to be an Intelligent TV Anchor

6. Why Bank Robberies are Passe

7. Celebrity Suicides..Who's Next?

8. Daya, Kuchh Gadbad Hai..why CID Beats Sherlock.

9. How to Improve Your Quanti Fundas-and get into Quantico.

10. Why Cauvery Waters are VERY Important- an Election Guide.

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