Bangkok Diary Part 2

Met a couple of directors at Assumption university and discussed possible academic collaboration, thanks to a friend, Dr. Parvathy Varma who is a Professor there. She is married into the famous Ravi Varma family. Ravi Varma was a famous king-artist from Kerala, who has painted some incredible life-like stuff. His "lady with the lamp" and a few other paintings are classics seen in many Indian art galleries and museums. Not surprisingly, we found a few of the reproductions around her house. This is the second Varma that I know now. Nisha is an old friend from long ago, now turned into a Janwadkar, post-marriage. I understand a Hindi film, Rang Rasiya is in the making about Ravi Varma's life and times.

The conference came to a close and we got a chance to explore some more food joints in Bangkok. One highlight was a Bangladeshi restaurant which served some really good fish. We had a Bengali colleague who could speak with the owners, and we had a fish called Pabda in Bengali, apparently the Cat fish elsewhere. It is soft, and has to be cooked just right, so it does not fall away into pieces. It was. Also tried some Thai food including the Pad Thai noodles and Tom Yum soup, which has a distinct flavour induced by some of the stuff put in it. Very good! The shrimp is generally delicious, in any recipe.

There is a new metro from somewhere in town to the Suvarnabhumi airport which apparently takes a very short time to get you into the airport. We need it badly in Bangalore, and a few other places. Delhi apparently has one.

No time for golf this time, but was enjoyable all the same.


Diamond Head said...

Tom yum's characteristic yum comes from lemon grass - an herb found in certain parts of SE Asia. There is also a solid woody knob like mushroom that lends some flavor. Not sure of how Uncle Tom got involved in all this.

Rajendra said...

Thanks for the's a distinct flavour. There was some inedible bamboo shoot (or maybe that mushroom) also in it but don't know what it does to the soup.

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