Test your French- Joke

A thief in Paris planned to steal some paintings from the Louvre. After careful planning, he got past security, stole the paintings and made it safely to his van. However, he was captured only two blocks away when his van ran out of gas.

When asked how he could mastermind such a crime and make such an obvious error, he replied, "Monsieur, that is the reason I stole the paintings. I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh"

(Sorry about this !!! You may have thought that I didn't have De Gaulle to tell you this one. Well, I figured I really have nothing Toulouse)


Diamond Head said…
aw... as in awesome so the thief really stole Madhav ..Mo-D-Va ...isn't most of the stuff after the first syllable silent?
Rajendra said…
Yeah, a popular Marathi joke about French is that you write "Kulkarni" and pronounce it as "Deshpande".

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